Ahiru no Sora Episode 9
Kite, His Ball, and the Team's Pain sub

4.7 (274 votes)
Aired 1 month ago
Updated January 23, 2020 · 12.9k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/akirici · 1 month ago
Sorry I had to say it. While conversation is going on, translate ending song is dumb idea. They all mixed together..
u/d3wa · 1 month ago
I pause and read at the same time. damn it
u/aldooorf · 1 month ago
Damn right
u/aldooorf · 1 month ago
Damn right
u/RemnantMemory · 1 month ago
is that somekind of secret toilet club or something lmao
u/HugedJackedMan · 1 month ago
My mans are taking a shit yall gonna actually have this conversation now? LOL
u/Makozeee · 1 month ago
This is actually so underrated it pisses me off
u/CarlGaming · 6 days ago
I fucking excited to this anime
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