Assassins Pride Episode 3
Going Beyond the Limit sub

4.5 (506 votes)
Aired 2 months ago
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u/Bank2Dank4u · 2 months ago
Bruh calm with the op stuff or you might get nerf like Kirito.
u/cra2046 · 2 months ago
super saiyen loli
u/Pekisa · 2 months ago
u/Jfm21 · 2 months ago
Sometime i just think the ED says "wait for me" in japanese U_u? is that normal?
u/ioconnor720 · 2 months ago
This gives me Black Butler vibes
u/JeluC · 2 months ago
this is legit the story of the worlds most powerful lolicon
u/Joro · 2 months ago
This episode was ultra sick
u/Meben · 2 months ago
I like this anime, but I really liked the original hook of "I've gotta train this girl to fight, but I've also gotta make the call to assassinate her if she can't fight" and I feel like that idea was more interesting tbh. At least now we've got more of a complete picture of who's who/what's what. The whole Vampir reveal would've felt awful if they had waited until like a season finale type event.
u/Jfm21 · 2 months ago
welp i saw the Vampir reveal coming cuz every "Protagonist" has the potential to be half monster
u/XavierFoster · 2 months ago
Who would train someone strong enough to murder him? Well, looks like she wants to be his wife though. I will be waiting for them to be together.
u/StormySky16 · 2 months ago
Kinda seems like he wishes to die, so who knows.
u/XavierFoster · 2 months ago
Of course he knows that. That's why he's trying to train her and make her stronger than anyone. He was meant to be a Paladin, but now she's a Samurai, so you can relate why.
u/Ferorius · 2 months ago
Aaand it caught up to the manga translation in 3 episodes. Great~!
u/kingz · 2 months ago
Aaand that is completely irrelevant because this anime is adapted from the original source material, the Light Novel.
The manga is also adapted from the Light Novel, but not the anime. Therefore, it really doesn't matter whether it caught up.
u/Just_A_Retard · 2 months ago
Lemme claim "second" spot ;) , please?
u/vvvvkai · 2 months ago
This opening be pumping
u/Hazard · 2 months ago
WHITE HAIR? I am suddenly 300% more interested in this anime.
u/Ascentt-_- · 2 months ago
Where do I find the manga? Can't seem to find it.
u/Jfm21 · 2 months ago
its probably not released yet for "suspense purposes"
u/Ascentt-_- · 2 months ago
Ok, thanks. Will just have to wait.
u/kingz · 2 months ago
Anime plebs like yourself always seem to think these adaptations come from manga. Lol.
No, it's not from a manga. It's from the Light Novel.
And certainly a manga for this exists, but that's an adaptation of the Light Novel.
The same as how the anime is adapted from the Light Novel. At this point, it seems the anime will pass the manga's point.
u/Itsusuki · 2 months ago
Is it me or he looked like Saga from saint Seiya and also like Goku in ultra instinct.
u/Jfm21 · 2 months ago
nah its just you his eye color his masculinity and his Facial qualities is totally different from thoze two
u/XavierFoster · 2 months ago
He showed me the Ichigo's Vasto lorde vibe back again.
u/aeoxshin · 2 months ago
Stop with the Kirito stuff, because Kirito sucks and always suck, the lamiest MC ever, fuck all his fan go die.
u/whoslynx · 2 months ago
respect your opinion, but if you don't like the kirito theme maybe you should just stop watching, i feel like theres gonna be a lot of it
u/whoslynx · 2 months ago
No one is gonna talk about how she said "you know my body in and out"? I might just be dirty minded.
u/Amit · 2 months ago
even the op feel loli xd
u/SoloGalaxy · 1 month ago
u/poololy5 · 3 weeks ago
the other show is just too fast and in a rush
u/Xaasiz · 1 week ago
at this point we aren't watching this because it's geniunely "good", whatever that word means to you. at this point it's just guilty pleasure. I mean come on, steampunk vampire assassin? It sounds like you just threw together a bunch of cool edgy ideas into a hat and drew from it. and it fucking worked
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