Babylon Episode 7
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Aired 1 month ago
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u/francis24duck · 1 month ago
thought i could smash her but she is nxt level fcked up.
u/Atlaspowel · 1 month ago
This is just bullshit, it pisses me off that last scene was to somehow make us look further into this kind of act or worst redefine evil. ( most people already know "evil" is a grey area)
u/Umagi · 2 weeks ago
u/pizzapancake · 1 month ago
I think the point behind Magase is that we've stopped questioning. While most people know that evil is a gray idea, if someone was given a dilemma that goes against a universally accepted truth, most would still look at the person who gave them the question with disgust, not bothering to answer the question.
u/Atlaspowel · 1 month ago
Somewhat agree with you on the idea only but this scene does not do a good job at that as she is portrayed getting pleasure from the act itself and a theatrical way of killing someone rather any deeper meaning. I feel like am looking too much into this, i thought it would be a serious anime but this whole episode ruin this perception. She could still argue her case as there more episodes. (Highly doubt it)
u/Holo · 1 month ago
ok that was fucked up.
u/L539 · 1 month ago
I want to pour acid on that bit$h Magase's face. What a sad execuse for a human being that demonic lady is. No one has the right to take any one else's life. We are neithor God nor superior to other humans. We're all the same and no one is more valuable than another. Since this anime is based on the LN which is 3 volumes in total I hope we get to see it all in one season. I also hope Magase gets caught and jusitce is served.
u/OTAKUKING · 1 month ago
Dude, chill. It's just an anime.
u/L539 · 1 month ago
I know it is just an anime. I just hate evil people who kill others with a nasty smile on their face. Not only that, but that character was trying to justify her actions which is wrong. Also, my reaction was mild compared to other people's reactions with regards to other animes. I've seen much worse comments than mine.
u/Zeroshiki · 1 month ago
Holy shit, this entire episode had my jaw on the floor. I felt Kuujin's death coming after looking at the cover art closer, he was one of my favorites. This shit is wild, bitch did not have to do Sekuro dirty like that ffs .. All of her limbs, though ?
u/Grim_The_Emu · 1 month ago
This... this episode was fucking fantastic.
I'm not even going to talk about the content XD
u/Grim_The_Emu · 1 month ago
It's too f*cked to even mention. And it bothers me even more how it all makes some sense.
This show just targets the loopholes within our moral system. Fucking Epic
u/Dovahdoge · 1 month ago
psycho bitch
u/Jiyuuko · 1 month ago
Wait wait wait this was the last episode? Thats fucked up!!! Thoigh I hate to admit that the entire thing can easily make someone have doubts.

For instance, Magase is clearly a psychopath. But here's the thing, psychopaths are just wired wrong, they are born missing things that essentially makes us human. So if a psychopath who is uncapable of feeling emphaty and uncapable of understanding why murder is wrong, is it right of us to label them as evil? Should they be killed for everyone's sake?
u/Skymire · 1 month ago
There's no way they can give us an insane cliffhanger and just call it a day. It seems like the 8th episode's been delayed to December 30th.