Beastars Episode 7
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Aired 1 month ago
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u/Djtrizzle · 1 month ago
To that Chicken, good for her. She's the real MVP out here laying quality eggs.
u/Exerxes · 1 month ago
Go with the other wolf girl you weirdo. The rabbit is a slut.
u/5cadbill · 1 month ago
Ikr thot rabbit
u/bambam22341 · 1 month ago
just gonna put the obligatory she changes later in the manga
u/Jiyuuko · 1 month ago
@DiegoTauta Actually, chickens (like many other animals) won't have a strong motherly instinct for the eggs. If a predator appears they will most likely abandon their eggs because they can always put more eggs later.

In this case the chicken girl knows its just an egg, it's not even a baby chick yet. I mean I get that this may look mess up because it's like a woman selling babies, but in the case of the chicken it would be more like selling sperm instead.
u/DiegoTauta · 1 month ago
I think you're right, thanks for the explanation
u/succc · 1 month ago
juno is best girl.
u/DiegoTauta · 1 month ago
she is not
u/D4B · 1 month ago
The animations are great, characters have different personalities, and story is amazing. I like it
u/puperman · 1 month ago
too bad no one watches it. it's actually sad tbh
u/puperman · 1 month ago
too bad no one watches it. it's actually sad tbh
u/GooneyTunez · 1 month ago
they will once it hits Netflix, keep in mind only above average non-japanese otakus even know about it at this point.
u/puperman · 1 month ago
oh well until then I will keep recommending it to everyone I see and hopefully, it will turn out for the best
u/TheAnimeYoungin · 1 month ago
juno is definitely best girl
u/geoffmemes · 1 month ago
u/geoffmemes · 1 month ago
wtf why do they do that in 6:38
u/Anni · 1 month ago
This story is just awsome
u/DiegoTauta · 1 month ago
then where are the chickens born? and eggs are not important for mothers?
u/Nobodyimportant · 1 month ago
Chickens come from fertilized eggs. Chickens will lay about 1 egg per day regardless of weather they have mated. She knows the eggs are duds because she hasn't been having fun with a rooster so she has no reason to get attached to them
u/Fog · 1 month ago
That's really not the face of someone who's in love lmao, I feel like he wants to kill both of them or something XD except Legosi is a good boi so that's probably not gonna happen
u/puperman · 1 month ago
why does it take so fricken long to get another episode. MY HUNGER FOR GOOD CG NEEDS TO BE SATIATED!!!
u/Lester11 · 1 month ago
Imao legosi eating egg sandwiches in front of the hen
Wait what the hen sitting next is the one selling eggs
This shit is amazing than any zootopia & other shit
I feel bad for legosi for falling in love with haru i can already see the direction this anime is heading Yes the same one as school days
u/chorpi · 1 week ago
im the same guy who falls for the slut.
u/grabakr · 1 week ago
lol thats a pretty menacing way of saying that you love someone. legosi yandere confirmed!?