Beastars Episode 9
Into the Lion's Den sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/Lester11 路 1 month ago
yes legosi save your love save haru, and fuck you dear louis I thought he had more value for love, I guess I was wrong.
this anime has sexy bunnies, leopards & even egg laying hens why didn't they included big titties cows I would've loved seeing them selling milk. animeultima is the best site almost every anime I've watched till now is on it but this site has some issues it never upload their anime on fuking time I watched this ep on another site on 5 dec u know what I mean now
peace 馃槑
u/Exerxes 路 1 month ago
lol Haru is slut. You can't make hoe a wife.
u/Lester11 路 1 month ago
Lmfao well can't we ignore the slut part & move directly to waifu co'z it's fucking hilarious. As you know bunnies are always in heat so basically it's not her fault what she does
u/Hieirulez 路 1 month ago
Don't shit on Louis man. He's a good boy.
u/Atomic 路 1 month ago
haha, I like the 3:40 pun...
u/Djtrizzle 路 1 month ago
That Leopard sounds familiar.
u/Starhappy 路 1 month ago
same voice actor who voiced bakugou katsuki, who also voices the weasel in this show
u/gigaboltgamer 路 1 month ago
This is not a turn of events I was expecting! Holy shit! It turned into a very extreme situation very quickly. I was expecting louis to pop out mid confession and do something about it but it ended up in a way more dramatic way! I have never had a slice of life anime beat me up inside so much! Great episode, can't wait for the next one!
u/Ironixie 路 1 month ago
Bro I farted and it ruined the whole scene, plus they're speaking Spanish which is even worse.
u/The-Failure 路 3 weeks ago
Hey everyone...馃