Black Clover Episode 111
The Eyes in the Mirror dub

4.7 (2930 votes)
Aired 1 month ago
Updated January 21, 2020 · 35k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/freya · 1 month ago
Rouge is such a broken spell
u/TheInfinite1 · 1 month ago
I'm just glad at least shes the one with it. Cuz the witch arc built vanessa up to be this badass op witch and it didnt make anysense till rogue came along.
u/XdannyX · 1 month ago
Couldn’t Henry just go up there and suck out the mana from gouche and Marie ? Wouldn’t that be easier 😤
u/BBonless · 1 month ago
No, because 1: That would eventually kill them, and 2: He doesn't control the speed at which he sucks their mana at. So unless you wanna get him to just chill next to them for several hours it ain't gonna work lol
u/Anime4Life · 1 month ago
Wife Vanessa saved the day
u/black_clover00 · 1 month ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/Fin_CA · 1 month ago
Noo the glasses lady saved the day!!!!!
u/akirici · 1 month ago
Glad to see someone isn't meathead at all near them
u/JudasIscariot · 1 month ago
My favourite characters saved the day, though the cliff hanger for Henry was just a dick move. lol
u/GooneyTunez · 1 month ago
eh.. i think i'm bout to drop this show, this Elf arc is pretty trash.. This anime is just so predictable, it's basically fairy tale with different characters and a different story.
u/creed345 · 1 month ago
yeah I don't get excited anymore when a new episode comes out.
u/Kyledurbano12 · 1 month ago
Next 10 episodes will be the best episodes of the series. And your an idiot if you drop the series

In the manga there’s a time skip and asta is OP right now.
u/GooneyTunez · 1 month ago
If you say so.. im def gonna drop it after these next 10 episodes though if it doesn't pick up. lol i can't keep forcing myself to watch something just for a single badass episode every 15 or so that come out. I'll take your advice though, I mean i've gotten this far with it, so whats another 10 episodes
u/Kyledurbano12 · 1 month ago
I promise the next 10 episodes are gonna be the best trust me, because they are about to fight licht and them.

merealonna Vs vetto
u/DarkButterfly · 1 month ago
Fck yes Merealonna Vs vetto that's a fight I look forward too. That fight is going to be beastly.
u/Kyledurbano12 · 1 month ago
The next 10 episodes will be the best of the series Lololol. Your an idiot if you drop the series

In the manga asta is fighting the spade kingdom, and they had a time skip and asta is op atm
u/xSKIEz · 1 month ago
This anime is SOOOO GOOOOD oiamwfeokw I cannn´t iogmoeigkl
u/TheInfinite1 · 1 month ago
that clover clip was the best one yet lmfao
u/geoffmemes · 1 month ago
fuck yes is back
u/TJRacero · 1 month ago
23:21 "Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well."
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