Black Clover Episode 7
The Other New Recruit sub

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Aired 2 years ago
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u/noah_g · 11 months ago
u/WhOrEyOu · 9 months ago
Noel: what an insect
Asta: Bitch your life is a full mistake according to your brother
*looks at wikiepedia*

Fan boy: OMG ITS YUNO MARS!!!!!
u/_ANIME-LOVER_ · 9 months ago
u/7saitama7 · 7 months ago
What is love?
Love is Anime!!!!!!!
u/GayHime · 5 months ago
The super emo guy just wants to make some friends lol
u/TBNRWINZ · 8 months ago
9:58 me when my sister goes in my room
u/D4isDAVID · 3 months ago
4:29 oraoraoraora
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