Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season Episode 6
An Unpleasant Talk sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/Ford28082 · 1 month ago
if graphic low for you just switch to AU Engine in top right corner.
u/ramtheanimeman · 1 month ago
top left corner*
u/frsaperture · 1 month ago
Kirishima is me anytime someone tried to explains something
u/Copic · 1 month ago
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u/Uzumakiotaku · 1 month ago
Exerxes why you gotta be hatin on Black people? And why are u so racist? It’s only one black guy, you don’t have to comment that.
u/Me3 · 1 month ago
It's possible to dislike one guy without hating a whole race.
u/UrBoiAJ · 1 month ago
This was a good episode wish they were longer tho!
u/Sunny649 · 1 month ago
Such a tense episode :scream:
u/d3wa · 1 month ago
to short... tsch
u/d3wa · 1 month ago
cant wait the next episode.
u/BeWaReJay · 1 month ago
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u/Ironixie · 1 month ago
I like when they show different people in anime, it shows how they aren't socially disconnected from other countries, like a lot of Asian countries are, it just shows how they're thinking of the whole world entirely and all the different people on it.
u/Severian · 1 month ago
I don't mean to be a contrarian or speak against showing different ethnic groups in any form of media, but this ain't an example of it. His name is Takagi Gen. He's not ethnically diverse, he's a Japanese guy with a tan and a hairdo.
u/Ironixie · 1 month ago
I mean, I'm not trying to be a dick or anything, but that's not how that works, Almight himself is actually said to be an American (but I think that was obvious from all the states he knows) but his name is Kenta Miyake. This is still an anime so names aren't really a big detail of who they are and what their ethicality is, I don't really think it matters if his name is Japanese or not, in fact, my name is from greek and I'm mostly black myself.
u/Fog · 1 month ago
Not commenting in regards to diversity or anything but uhhh... Isn't All Might's name Toshinori something? Gran Torino calls him that anyway, but I might be wrong
u/Fog · 1 month ago
K follow up of my previous comment, I just looked at the wiki, Kenta Miyake is All Might's VA, Toshinori Yagi is All Might's real name tho
u/Ironixie · 1 month ago
Ah really? damn I looked it up 2 years ago and it told me Kenta for some reason, but it's still a Japanese name though, so I guess it doesn't change anything, thanks though.
u/Severian · 1 month ago
All Might ain't American, his teachers were Japanese, he went to UA, and he was born in Tokyo. Dunno where you're getting the idea that people outside of Japan in anime are given Japanese names 'cause I've never run into that. Even in BNHA, everyone named who's not from Japan or ethnically Japanese doesn't have a Japanese name (like David and Melissa Shield). Also, according to the wiki, Takagi Ken (not Gen, messed up), AKA Rock Lock, was born in Tokushima. So, yeah, dude's Japanese.
u/Me3 · 1 month ago
Manga artists don't know how to give people non Japanese names, or have them talk or act like non Japanese people.
u/The_True_Mop · 1 month ago
just dislike till hidden im not particullary a fan of that feature (cause it promotes generic comments without controversy), but in this case it works ... their just retarded and creating clickbait
u/Ironixie · 1 month ago

I don't like the downvote feature either, what's the point of a comment section when you can't give your opinion without someone disagreeing and just downvoting it? at that point, it's just an echo chamber who only agree and don't want their feelings hurt by getting offended by something they don't agree with.
u/creed345 · 1 month ago
I agree with this^^

but guys come on we're all here bc we love anime lets put aside the racist stuff
u/Jaybeezos · 1 month ago
There's only one race and its the human race.
u/joshj19 · 1 month ago
What about NASCAR!?
u/Jaybeezos · 1 month ago
Damn you're right.
u/bestestboi · 1 month ago
there's def problems with downvoting like the mob mentality that follows - I personally like limiting negative stuff for more positive space but bruh, this is the nature of things, you can say whatever you want doesn't mean people won't like it
u/Djtrizzle · 1 month ago
Yo I'm not the only one who sees the talking Centipede right?! (*_*)
u/livii · 1 month ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/Exerxes · 1 month ago
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u/The_True_Mop · 1 month ago
there doesnt need to be reason its a character who cares? (im pretty sure this is clickbait anyway so i can say you dont care either)
u/thepeachymage · 1 month ago
wonder what a mexican hero would look or act like
u/Ironixie · 1 month ago
That dude reminds me of the Static Shock cartoon, because of the hair and the mask, I wonder if he's a reference? that was a pretty cool cartoon back in the day.
u/zawadi · 1 month ago
The thumbnail makes me happy, it's always a good thing to have more representation and inclusion! In the manga, we get to see more of his backstory.
u/Exerxes · 1 month ago
This is why I dislike it. This is Japan. Diversity kills!
u/BlackBlaze · 1 month ago
Would you have the same reaction if the character was white?
u/Severian · 1 month ago
He ain't diverse. Dude's name is Takagi Gen. He's Japanese.
u/Exerxes · 1 month ago
name doesn't make someone japanese.
u/bestestboi · 1 month ago
there's black people in japan, they're a minority, but they exist
u/Ironixie · 1 month ago
when you the only black kid in the whole class...

I feel that bro, I feel that...
u/bestestboi · 1 month ago
I'm really for the representation and dude's character design but still kinda upsetting he sounded like kind of a dick - hoping they show him in better light down the road while they expand on his backstory
u/prosathu1802 · 1 month ago
Time to wait for 4 weeks because I can't stand 3 upcoming cliffhangers like this.
u/succc · 1 month ago
when eri said "his hands were kind" i couldn't help but TwT
u/Lil_Anime · 1 month ago
Graphic so low when im early,im sad
u/DonkeyisRyan · 1 month ago
Pretty awesome, looking forward to the next ep.
u/NyaakuSan · 1 month ago
sure let's have an ep long talk *clap clap* It's just to thicken the plot.
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