Darwin's Game Episode 4
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Aired 4 weeks ago
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u/Mirage · 4 weeks ago
Truck-kun failed to isekai the girl. he might lose his job now
u/Sunny649 · 3 weeks ago
Just a head-up, even though this might not even been seen as this will most likely be posted on the 2nd page here.. but stating anyways... Darwin's Game's 5th Episode is delayed until next week (7-8 Feb) due to recap episode 4.5 this week, which is most likely not going to be uploaded either.
u/LtLeviathan · 4 weeks ago
is that dio's voice actor??
u/eiydn · 4 weeks ago
I find it so funny,,,,, im 98%sure he is
u/xionejunior · 3 weeks ago
think so too...
u/xionejunior · 3 weeks ago
Takehito Koyasu is the voice actor for Dio and Hiiragi Ichirou/The Florist
u/Osama1231 · 4 weeks ago
the music and scene for the inner conscience got me hype
u/maginboof · 4 weeks ago
watchcartoononline.io to watch king games kinda like this but you have no power and you have to obey the rule or you die in a very scary way
u/CatsDK · 4 weeks ago
Here we go again.
u/DeltaBat · 4 weeks ago
indeed here we go
u/DeltaBat · 4 weeks ago
indeed here we go
u/traxdize · 4 weeks ago
u/Djtrizzle · 4 weeks ago
Laplace = Epitaph, far less broken without KC tho
u/Manja-Man · 4 weeks ago
won't load... help
u/Manja-Man · 4 weeks ago
Bada Ba Ba Ba I'm lovin' it
u/HeXDee13 · 4 weeks ago
Flashbang sound = ZA WARUDO!!!!!
u/b9k · 4 weeks ago
so she got chibi version of phantasy star xion's power
u/jarvee · 4 weeks ago
Nice ep
u/SupremoHokage · 4 weeks ago
Ah some quality content
u/SupremoHokage · 4 weeks ago
Ah some quality content 👌
u/Seekynator3000 · 4 weeks ago
can his eyes be higher? we can only guess
u/AnamomanA · 4 weeks ago
at 20:48 the gun went through her arm, and if I'm not wrong the scope looked like it had the dust lid on lol
u/marouaneone · 4 weeks ago
kono Dio