Enen no Shouboutai Episode 15
The Blacksmith's Dream sub

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Aired 2 months ago
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u/pentaii · 2 months ago
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u/Chomusuke · 2 months ago
nah, visually sure first one was way better, but i really love this song (i already knew it before so maybe that helped)
u/DrChief · 2 months ago
This opening trash ngl
u/Jebin · 2 months ago
Same with the ending low key
u/Salooty · 2 months ago
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u/AdSJB · 2 months ago
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u/cherudim · 2 months ago
I 100% agree with you that first op is better, I've had Inferno on my playlists and on repeat for hours on end.
But I honestly don't understand how you place this new OP as Kpop? There isn't any Korean in the song (song is completely in English), song is clearly metal in genre, and googling the bands involved show they're Japanese. My point mainly is I can understand that you may have resentment towards KPop, but this is just a stab at a non sequitur concept.
u/Chomusuke · 2 months ago
lmao K-Pop??? what? are you deaf by any chance?
u/AdSJB · 2 months ago
I thought I wrote Metal in this? I may have been not fully paying attention when I wrote the genre part but what I meant was it was completely out of place. Yes, just a simple writing error. I did hear the genre loud and clear. Hahaha.
u/auslaenderin · 2 months ago
the song was fine it was just the visuals that was not in sync with the vibe. like you have this metal angsty song and it had a slice of life visuals
u/Jebin · 2 months ago
This series only knows how to make likable characters
u/The-Mon-Sun · 2 months ago
His fire sense tingles!
u/bakou912 · 1 month ago
Peter Sparkler
u/blu3s0da · 2 months ago
i'm missing the first ED song so much!
u/LightLawliet · 2 months ago
Hi guys
u/Prying_ · 2 months ago
That op Made me yack
u/kubongaming · 2 months ago
that sound at the end made me jump lol
u/Crusader · 2 months ago
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u/Kai23 · 2 months ago
That intro tho
u/Cyper2Tron · 2 months ago
This is getting real hype
u/daddypatties · 2 months ago
Just got one thing to say to say about the opening...
punch ahaha
u/aeoxshin · 2 months ago
So the reason Slam Dunk was dropped because Sakuragi decided to become a blacksmith.
u/SWeeboii · 2 months ago
Make him join
u/D4B · 2 months ago
I prefer the first intro song.
u/lBeta-Alijah-69l · 1 month ago
the opening got me 🥺 😢
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