Haikyuu!!: To the Top Episode 3
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Aired 4 weeks ago
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u/Inscape5 路 4 weeks ago
He took that shot to the jewels like a pro. Good for him.
u/creed345 路 4 weeks ago
LOL, and the coach still yelled at him
u/theonlyrudi 路 4 weeks ago
Lets gooo馃敟
u/Maj1 路 4 weeks ago
I really like the ending expected from CHICO from HoneyWorks.
u/Xela_Sirron 路 4 weeks ago
I wish this anime was just fully released alreadt
u/SupremoHokage 路 4 weeks ago
It keeps getting better and better
u/dariuslauran 路 4 weeks ago
Everyone's face: (锞掆柤_鈻)
u/Dxnysh 路 4 weeks ago
in love with burntout syndrome songs cause if these series
u/Guzzy021 路 4 weeks ago
poor hinata
u/TempoTheMan 路 4 weeks ago
I thought that he wouldn't feel bad
u/Sunny649 路 4 weeks ago
That intense state of mind is just Hinata's own zone field! And then he completely got crushed that hurts like no one can imagine.... :scream:
u/Suzuran 路 3 weeks ago
Tsukki! let's go my boy!
u/anime8x 路 3 weeks ago
https://cutt.ly/rrTXsUm epic sex-anime game ;) 18+
u/Animeka 路 2 weeks ago
I saw very similar heroes in Sex-Anime Game https://oplu.online ;)
u/Jamie_poston1 路 1 week ago
When goshiki felt appreciated I died of laughter, such a funny scene