Honzuki no Gekokujou: Shisho ni Naru Tame ni wa Shudan wo Erandeiraremasen Episode 11
Life-or-Death Choices and Family Meetings sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/Amadeer · 1 month ago
Where's Dr.stone when you need him to re-invent medicines.
u/vetty15 · 1 month ago
I think the way to save them is to teach them how to use magic like a magician
u/b9k · 1 month ago
Yeah they said is some previous episode that magic needs to be discharged
u/BigElros · 1 month ago
It is obvious if you think about it, its not really an illness, its just their mana overflowing, all they need to do its to spend it, that is why wen she touched the torombe she felt better, it sucked its mana instead of the surrounding earths life, if i remember correctly it was strange for the kids that it growth so fast and that the damage to the earth was minimal.
u/BigElros · 1 month ago
Off-course the fked up nobles wouldn't possibly want a commoner to learn magic, so they leave them to die or like the other girl, marry them whit a lower tier noble to get the magic items.
u/AverageOtaku · 1 month ago
I think the guy in the top left corner of the season logo is going to be the noble because he is the one that hasn't been introduced into the story yet
u/Codeseys · 1 month ago
bruh that mans was the priest in the beginning
u/JiZhuge · 1 month ago
Kill the nobles and take their magic items if they horde them and make it illegal to live.
Build a magical guillotine!
u/uhsrin · 1 month ago
sorry I misunderstood your comment haha nevermind.
u/Legeis · 1 month ago
So I just started watching today and just binged all 11 episodes. And I have two things to say.
#1 this show is really good!
#2 the answer is obvious she just needs to learn to use magic!
u/naure7 · 1 month ago
im aculy dead T^T i cant even XD
u/Lee_ZoMBiE · 1 month ago
Why, are u dead? did u not like the eps?