JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV) Episode 1
Dio the Destroyer sub

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Aired 7 years ago
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u/Djtrizzle · 9 months ago
JoJo is great; for first time viewers it may be bizarre, but it's in the title. This season and the next one are a little slow, but once you get through that. You'll be making duwang, and dip jokes til the end of time.
u/flashrex · 8 months ago
agreed my friend
u/1v1MeBro · 2 months ago
bizarre is such a big understatement
u/SomeDude · 7 months ago
so this is where that meme music originates
u/Kutomi1 · 4 months ago
Yea. I was like "NANI DA FUQ?!" when I heard it in the anime. :D
u/Tagged · 5 months ago
G'day lads, today Friday 9th of August 2019 is when I officially start watching the JoJo series after all the memes that I have witnessed.

This'll be a fun one.
u/hamza_r121 · 5 months ago
And I'll be starting it 4 days after for the same reason

It's gonna be a long journey
u/RIPmasteranime · 5 months ago
and I will also be starting 4 days from this post wierdly, the journey will be long indeed.
u/Herold1616 · 5 months ago
And the long journey will be worth it, trust me
u/ForsakenMortal · 4 months ago
Lemme check the source of all these memes ;d
u/CASPEEDY · 2 weeks ago
I see we're all starting for the same reason then.
u/Zeke · 5 months ago
The birth of all memes.
u/Jamie_poston1 · 2 months ago
So I thought it’s finally time to watch jojo fully, I’ve only watched the one about jotaro ( his grandson I think) so I’m gonna start fully at the beginning, I hope it is good
u/Kutomi1 · 1 month ago
You're not gonna regret it.
u/Jamie_poston1 · 2 months ago
First thoughts: wtf is wrong with dip, holy
He has some major daddy issues, jojo is literally existing mad soo gets mad smh
u/1v1MeBro · 2 months ago
dio is either an uchiha with a mangekyou sharingan or he has unlocked ultra instinct
u/Lester11 · 1 month ago
Dio that fucker burned the dog alive & stole the first kiss, damn
u/Ishani_SK · 3 weeks ago
i get bakugo fibes from dio
u/cheese134490l · 3 weeks ago
I don't know how the child who I raised Benedict to my own son turn out to kill me
u/miggyflacko · 1 week ago
January 9, 2020. Official start of my bizare adventures with Jojo.
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