Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e Episode 7
The Trigger of Memories dub

4.4 (233 votes)
Aired 5 months ago
Updated December 19, 2019 · 10.3k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/mohammad2756 · 5 months ago
Damn those ninjas cutting onions
u/Ran · 5 months ago
I wish Liza would comfort me
u/Howardton · 5 months ago
Mama Liza
u/Lefyusen · 5 months ago
The op is stuck in my head now, i cant skip it
u/lian017 · 5 months ago
cant skip the opening and ending... and ninja cutting onion strike again...
u/AdSJB · 5 months ago
Poor girl. Her father went to war, she was to assume he was probably dead. He came back though! But as an Incarnate that couldn't turn back... Then he gets killed in front of her! For real this time! Then she goes on an angry revenge mission, comes back from it learning new things only to find her Father back AGAIN! And then watch him get ties up, shot at loads and killed FOR A SECOND TIME. Third if you count the assumption... Imagine thinking your father died three times. Jeez.
u/Lester11 · 5 months ago
new title of anime -rising of the dead
maybe vampire injected some of his immortal blood into dragon to revive him t's all his fault they should kill him soon
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