Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 14
The House with the Wisteria Family Crest sub

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Aired 6 months ago
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u/frsaperture · 6 months ago
u/sakura3200 · 6 months ago
dont worry hes not that bad
u/AleBeerzy · 6 months ago
Dude, that was a joke
u/ASHLEY-chan · 6 months ago
Bruh. I was waiting until nezuko came out and our boy zenitsu had the personality switch because of the mental shock.
u/vodkasever11 · 6 months ago
nah he was just jelos
u/ASHLEY-chan · 6 months ago
I dont know what he will feel when he gets to know that thats his sister. It might be a little awkward
u/ighulabani · 6 months ago
one hell of a episode was laughing like hell good job on comedy as well Ufotable really appreciate it
u/Me3 · 6 months ago
I loved it. You can tell tanjiro has major big brother vibes with those two.
u/shooticide · 6 months ago
Only Tanjiro would give you a scolding like a mother while he's giving a beatdown
u/kadsoukui · 6 months ago
nezuko service after so many episodes.
u/Me3 · 6 months ago
Favorite episode. Also that guy could literally bend over and kiss his own ass.
u/Johnshroom · 4 months ago
He could probably also suck his....nevermind.
u/Mark-kun · 3 months ago
bro hahahahahahaha yamerooo
u/vodkasever11 · 6 months ago
can you imagene thet boar guy acclly a girl just held upan a curse that make his body look like a males and than can you imagene boar guy got a cruss on tanjiro .no homo. just saying it
u/Hazard · 6 months ago
Full homo, it'd be cute either way.
u/Me3 · 6 months ago
That's some creative spelling you did there.
u/vodkasever11 · 6 months ago
ı am only good at talking engilis
u/Me3 · 6 months ago
No worries.
u/abas2 · 6 months ago
this episode is basically a calm before the storm
u/Naruwaru · 6 months ago
Don’t jinx it goddammit
u/xey · 6 months ago
If you thought Zenitsu was annoying, this boar guy is a whole different level!

Also, Zenitsu + Nezuko?....yeah, I would ship that
u/Me3 · 6 months ago
I think it'll be a one sided shipping. I love how they drew her face when he's freaking out.
u/xey · 6 months ago
Haha yeah, I don't think Nezuko is on that ship either

Just to clear things up, although Zenitsu and the boar guy can be annoying, things wouldn't be the same without them. So its not like I hate them or anything.
u/XxIwatchanimexX · 6 months ago
rage 100
u/PattiMcFatti · 6 months ago
haven't laughed this much during an episode of anime in a loong time
u/GayHime · 6 months ago
What will Zenitsu say when he finds out Nezuko is Tanjiro's sister? I mean his first reaction was 100% shock lol.
u/factorers1 · 6 months ago
so ichinose is a guy or GIRL?
u/vodkasever11 · 6 months ago
a genderles child
u/Kin · 6 months ago
u/maja · 6 months ago
this show has such an engaging style
u/Mirai01 · 6 months ago
Inosuke practicing headbutt cuz of Tanjiro?... he's kinda cute hahahah....this is gonna be my fav episode so far...
u/Me3 · 6 months ago
Reminds me of asta.
u/Lester11 · 6 months ago
I almost puked when I see that half male half girl guy smile
I feel bad for zenitsu he was being deprived of the cuteness of nezuko for too long ,now I think about it tanjiro would've never showed him that he had cute little sister I don't know what he will do to my cute little princess
u/Ti0 · 6 months ago
omg the aftercredits are so cute
See? Nezuko is best girl.

Lol and now all the fujoshis are going wild
u/OtakuITM · 6 months ago
i demand more nezuko
u/zumokik · 6 months ago
Yes. Severe!