Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 19
Hinokami sub

4.9 (3148 votes)
Aired 5 months ago
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u/shooticide · 5 months ago
I'm just in awe, this episode gave me chills
u/Manja-Man · 5 months ago
u/Euphoria · 4 months ago
the best episode i ever watch !! i cant stop watch this episode, even my eyes dry from tears !!! Darekaga watashi o tasukete !!
u/mashpotato24 · 3 months ago
JESUS FKIN CHRIST...THAT of the spiciest fkin slash ever....
u/hanoufiee · 1 week ago
u/ALovablePanda · 5 months ago
same bruhh
u/jesus_lx · 5 months ago
goosebumps, best fight scene 2019
u/OTAKUKING · 5 months ago
Some of the AoT S3P2 fight scenes were dope, but this... this was on another level.
u/Tagged · 5 months ago
I nutted.
u/PenScar · 5 months ago
i triple nutted
u/RippedCookie · 5 months ago
my nutt can be expressed as a mathematical graph
u/Shinchi26 · 5 months ago
no cap
u/Ghosthammer · 5 months ago
what a incredible episode, especially the animation of Hinokami Kagura dance, so smooth.
and the ending ost is incredible, tooo
u/Stand_User · 5 months ago
ya that was high fps.
u/Me3 · 5 months ago
I have to turn the air conditioner on because my eyes are sweating.
u/Kazehaya · 5 months ago
Its the damn onions
u/Me3 · 5 months ago
Not to mention the rain.
u/Bubo · 4 months ago
im crying this episode is beyond epic !!
u/ichijourin · 5 months ago
HOLY SHT One of the best Fight Scene Of The Month Damn
u/Dekustearss · 5 months ago
M-o-n-t-h is a weird way to spell year...
u/BigRaym · 5 months ago
Y-e-a-r is a weird way to spell decade
u/Woethebro · 5 months ago
D-e-c-a-d-e is a weird way to spell century
u/xXHunterIVXx · 5 months ago
whta comes after century....??? hmmmmmmmmmm!!
u/Tagged · 5 months ago
C-e-n-t-u-r-y is a weird way to spell millenium
u/Jay98980 · 5 months ago
M-i-l-l-e-n-i-u-m is a weird way to spell eon
u/PenScar · 5 months ago
E-o-n is a wierd way to spell terrannum
u/Dark · 5 months ago
T-e-r-r-a-n-n-u-m is a weird way to spell Yottannum.
u/hollow294 · 5 months ago
Y-o-t-t-a-n-n-u-m is a weird way to spell of all time
u/JamesyJames · 5 months ago
o-f a-l-l t-i-m-e is a weird way to spell eternity
u/Luz_Anime_Lover · 5 months ago
E-T-E-R-N-I-T-Y is a weird way to to spell infinity
u/No_luck_Zero · 5 months ago
I-N-F-I-N-I-T-Y is a weird way to spell infinity.
u/C-Light · 5 months ago
Yes i agree.
u/suparob · 5 months ago
I-N-F-I-N-I-T-Y is a weird shape of an 8
u/JamesyJames · 5 months ago
Infinity is a rip off of 8 LOL
u/Light_2007_yt · 5 months ago
yea i know right
u/Sunny649 · 5 months ago
Waow!! Really like how they rotated everything! The water was beautiful but the fire too! (> *^*)>
Acquired Water and Fire Techniques now!
u/xey · 5 months ago
I initially thought Tanjiro will fight for a while and the guy who saved Inosuke will save Tanjiro too. But! MY BOY TANJIRO AND NEZUKO CAME THROUGH AT THE END! That was so awesome!

Also, I thought the mark of Tanjiro's forehead was a scar from past wound. After seeing his father, I realize it might just a birth mark.
u/Woodja · 5 months ago
Oh just wait, it's much more than just a birth mark
u/PenScar · 5 months ago
its a power up?
u/afiqkhalil · 5 months ago
too much information will ruin the fun =)
u/xey · 5 months ago
Really? I'm excited now!!!
u/RemnantMemory · 5 months ago
will Tanjiro become avatar, seems like he's already mastering water and fire elements.
u/zeq · 5 months ago
he's getting there, he's currently working on the air element with his breathing
u/Die_Riya · 5 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/bruhforeskinbruh · 5 months ago
that is the joke my guy
u/Xubin · 5 months ago
u/aeoxshin · 5 months ago
Fuck I cried in this episode, this is sooo fucking awesome..
u/Umbra · 5 months ago
Well that was hype inducing as hell, god damn.
u/PenScar · 5 months ago
i nearly had a heart attack
u/kirai-da · 5 months ago
u/PenScar · 5 months ago
u/premramman · 5 months ago
That was a very strong ending filled with lot of emotions. Gotta appreciate the director, animator, author and every other guy behind this episode.
u/Stoney1 · 5 months ago
Holy crap! Best anime episode of the year!
u/quochuya · 5 months ago
This is like the second time I hear Nezuko's voice
u/Me3 · 5 months ago
I understand where the other demon is coming from. She knows Tanjiro's right. When she sees Nezuko, she realizes they might accept her. However, the brother is so strong she doesn't think anyone can beat him. She's in a lose-lose situation either the demon hunters kill her or he puts her through hell. It's all she knows, so she continues on in her hell. With luck Tanjiro will save her, but I don't think so. Sad.
u/StormySky16 · 5 months ago
I mean, Tanjiro saved her mother, albeit not in a way where she could still live, but you get my point.
u/Me3 · 5 months ago
I mean the good kind of save.
u/Risk · 5 months ago
Nezuko use demon art and she can talk wow
u/GrandmaLinda · 5 months ago
BEAT HIS ASS TANJIRO (also wow this ep, Im speechless the animation the fight, everthing is just amazing)
u/eman · 5 months ago
excellent episode!!! nice feels
u/based_trap_god · 5 months ago
Not gonna lie I cried a little bit at the end there
u/bigfrosty18 · 5 months ago