Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 23
Hashira Meeting sub

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Aired 4 months ago
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u/Ran · 4 months ago
Finally a break with no cliffhanger, phew
u/frsaperture · 4 months ago
Just... wow, this is ufotable taking pride of their work, from smol angery Nezuko, embarassed Tanjiro, depressed Inosuke and taisho secret by my man Rengoku!
u/daddypatties · 4 months ago
12:59 perry the fucking platypus xD
u/Me3 · 4 months ago
It's funny how that girl was punching him in the face while they were running.
u/Euphoria · 4 months ago
Kimetsu No Yaiba = ART ..... Beautiful ART
u/Hoodedbeastie · 4 months ago
will inosuke ever be that ball of SHINEEEE again?
u/Alcatraz · 4 months ago
Man that was an amazing episode of Kimetsu No Yaiba.
u/Meben · 4 months ago
I wish I could just buy all the manga. I need to know the Master's secrets :p
u/Levi-Sensei · 4 months ago
aiii finallyyyyyy
u/-_-unknown-_- · 4 months ago
Omg finally
u/cHaRliEtrAsHhh · 4 months ago
u/AdSJB · 4 months ago
Those looking for cute Nezuko moments, add "Upset with you Nezuko." to your shopping list and find them on isle - 07:25
u/HalfAnim · 4 months ago
my ears feel like there blooding from the blond guy voice, show lower his voice PLEASE!!!
u/xey · 4 months ago
That's just classic Zenitsu stuff XD
u/Porouwu · 4 months ago
I feel its so sad that Tanjiro gets 0 credit for defeating RUI its so dumb and on top of that Zenitsu is so annoying to watch yet so cool when he gets the "feels" and actually does something altough overall great show but too slow paced of a story and another thing that bothers me its that its probably going to end on a huge cliff hanger and the second season will be released in like 3 years
u/SaltyPancake · 4 months ago
Watch it be OPM all over again
u/SaltyPancake · 4 months ago
Watch it be OPM all over again
u/KuronoKotone · 4 months ago
What Nezuko endured is far greater than what we can understand! You'll understand in a much later part~~~
u/Klaxxo · 4 months ago
Dude, I was expecting the Master to be Muzan or something. Thank god there are no plot twists in this episode.
u/Zora_Ideale · 4 months ago
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u/2ndHokagesTears · 4 months ago
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u/-_-unknown-_- · 4 months ago
I just like 5 min this ep
u/Brulee · 4 months ago
thanks od it is released otherwise sometimes release date even delays...
u/xey · 4 months ago
The gang is back together!