Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 26
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Aired 4 months ago
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u/frsaperture · 4 months ago
u/rtagubajr95 · 4 months ago
dude I jizzed when I saw that, I can't wait when they fully animate those scenes
u/Lizelotte · 4 months ago
i need to see the blueray :)
u/kingshiro07 · 4 months ago
sana mapanood ko 27 nito hahaa
u/Mariang · 3 months ago
uy may kababayan pala ako dito. hahaha!
u/rollo123123 · 1 month ago
tang ina nyo hahahahah
u/xXRoyalKnightXx · 2 months ago
LISA did so well with the opening for this anime
u/xXRoyalKnightXx · 1 month ago
If I'm right, the Sun Breathing Style was the first ever style to br created, and all the other different style came from the Sun breathing Style. Also did u see the earing that Tanjiro was wearing. It shows a sun in it. So does that mean Tanjiro's family were the creator of the Sun Breathing in some sort, or have a relationship with the Sun Breathing. Also I think the Sun breathing was past down in Tanjiro's family for generations.
u/frsaperture · 4 months ago
Muzan can suck me dry anytime.
u/DarlingFranxx · 4 months ago
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u/BlackBlaze · 4 months ago
You ok buddy?
u/DarlingFranxx · 4 months ago
No not really.
u/beluga642 · 4 months ago
what's wrong with being gay
u/zeq · 4 months ago
did he say that it was gay?
u/Someone007 · 4 months ago
Well it wouldn't be the first time someone isn't ok with it.
u/xXRoyalKnightXx · 3 weeks ago
The Sun Pillar Rengoku will died soon
u/That_GUY_34 · 4 months ago
bigggg factsss
u/frsaperture · 4 months ago
If that's not screaming of Season 2, i don't know what is
u/Otakurashii · 4 months ago
Right now it's screaming MOVIE ANNOUNCEMENT YEAH !
u/Raymond_orunsolu · 4 months ago
The movie has been announced for next month the 28th
u/creed345 · 4 months ago
sad wait :(
u/rekhs88 · 4 months ago
Next Infinity Train Arc is going to be a Movie in 2020. Season 2 is yet to be made likely 2021!!!
u/Raymond_orunsolu · 4 months ago
Its coming out next month on the 28th
u/ighulabani · 4 months ago
I will wait for the anime wait will be worth it
u/Ran · 4 months ago
Perfect ending. Most importantly, we see Kanao x Tanjiro! YESSSSSSSSSS, off to read the manga.
u/xey · 4 months ago
Idk if they are really going to be a thing but I already ship them!
She finally talked to him! omg >.
u/SomeGuy · 4 months ago
I had to read the manga for this one, can´t wait for the next season!
u/aduka- · 4 months ago
muzan sama so hot ;-;
u/xey · 4 months ago
Can't deny that
u/omelette · 4 months ago
nutzone 100%%
u/xXRoyalKnightXx · 3 weeks ago
The Upper Moon One will died(Kokushibo Yoriichi's Big Brother)
u/Krimu · 4 months ago
As a manga reader, I know what will happen in the Demon Train Arc, so I'm 100% sure I'll cry + the animation ufotable will make for it is going to kill me even more.
AND OMG THIS EPISODE? Like, Muzan can kill me ;-;
I really hope they'll make second season, because I really love this anime and ufotable for making this really amazing animations.
u/KuronoKotone · 4 months ago
Yar man~~ I cried too!!
u/KuronoKotone · 4 months ago
Yar man~~ I cried too~!!
u/neonsaltiness · 4 months ago
Guys!! Minutes before this episode came out it was announced that there's going to be a movie as a continuation of this season!!! The movies' trailer was played at the end. Kimetsu no yaiba the infinity train arc here we go!!
u/nafos2 · 4 months ago
"uploaded 1 minute ago" nice
u/obliviousbadger · 4 months ago
its over sad
u/Me3 · 4 months ago
Sheesh, tanjiro could have a girl in every town with how smooth he is.
u/No_luck_Zero · 4 months ago
That was one lit episode. SEASON 2 HERE I COME!
u/Chomusuke · 4 months ago
u/tsunamis · 4 months ago
yall is it just me or does lower one sort of look like Uta
u/Zylpher8088 · 4 months ago
Not a harem anime, but still manages to make a harem anyway, my boi Tanjiro.
u/SWeeboii · 4 months ago
Best team
u/Ascentt-_- · 4 months ago
Don't leave me hanging like that! Animation always really good. Season 2 can't come quick enough!
u/aank · 4 months ago
I was refreshing this page non stop. Thanks for uploads as always!
u/VELEDEU · 4 months ago
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