Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 3
Sabito and Makomo sub

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Aired 9 months ago
Updated January 19, 2020 · 73.2k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/Rev · 8 months ago
All he had to do was to grow out his hair
u/Me3 · 8 months ago
It worked for Sampson.
u/KomoriNingen · 8 months ago
this anime is movie quality
u/Zengan · 8 months ago
Why do people keep commenting first ? It's sooo 2015 Youtube
u/Me3 · 8 months ago
Because people like to do what everyone else does, even if it makes them look dumb. Really no one gives 2 shits who's first.
u/Danny · 8 months ago
I do it, because there's no point. It's stupid and I hate myself. That's why I do it. lmao
u/Me3 · 8 months ago
Shame on you, Danny. You need to straighten up and fly right. :p
u/Macbob · 8 months ago
its not only a youtube thing :P
u/Me3 · 8 months ago
It makes them look like children. The only thing you can do is downvote it.
u/creed345 · 8 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/LightLawliet · 8 months ago
Jokes on Tanjiro, It took him 6 months to grow some hair, Goku can do that just by yelling for 10 minutes!
u/Naruto9Tailed · 8 months ago
jiraiya's voice!!!!
u/GayHime · 7 months ago
I got excited too lol
u/Sunny649 · 8 months ago
The way how Sabito and Makomo appeared and disappeared... They're either very skilled, or aren't present anymore.. Though it the latter, since I don't see them much in the Opening/Ending songs (except for one scene)... hmm... Kaji-kun!! Let's hope they're just very skilled! xD
u/Me3 · 8 months ago
I think they're dead. The rock has sealing talismans on it.
u/Nilokeras64 · 8 months ago
Not to mention, their eyes just have that dead sort of look to them.
u/Hoodedbeastie · 8 months ago
is Nezuko going to starve?.... its been 2 years... unless her stomach just regenerates
u/Lunyhime95 · 8 months ago
@6:53 that dab tho
u/EvilMemer · 8 months ago
This anime is a total bruh moment
u/and0rsk · 8 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/quindot · 8 months ago
Whenever I finish a anime, I get depressed and having insomnia.
u/Saiko_diva · 8 months ago
soo he is using some kind of hamon haha
u/LightLawliet · 8 months ago
Does anybody think this anime has the best opening and ending this season?
u/mucleicc · 8 months ago
I am getting Isshin Ashina vibes from this trainer
u/emnayisay · 5 months ago
he better not pull out his glock
u/Joantatra · 8 months ago
So in love with this anime
u/Manuchimso · 8 months ago
u/adiopplay · 8 months ago
Ok someone help me out here, were the symbols on his journal
in Chinese cuz they looked like it
u/InsidiousEnd · 8 months ago
kanji is used in Chinese and Japanese,
u/ANIMEfreak · 8 months ago
i hope that they both are not dead
u/BlackPanda · 8 months ago
Intense first battle like damn lol i think he's a man now after that move
u/derrickgichaba · 8 months ago
they added way more training than the manga
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