Nanatsu no Taizai: Kamigami no Gekirin Episode 1
The Light That Drives Away Darkness sub

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Aired 3 months ago
Updated January 18, 2020 · 54.1k Views · by u/sinnx3


u/frsaperture · 3 months ago
not to be sounded like a bitch but, did the animation degraded or is it just me? but props to the studio for giving NNT a 3rd season tho!
u/WholesomeChap · 3 months ago
It really does feel like it got degraded, it's just the quality of this season isn't really isn't on par with the other seasons. Also, isn't this the 4th season?
u/AnimeBanime · 3 months ago
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u/AeonMatt · 3 months ago
You should check out the trailer for it, then. The manga has more animations than this season.
u/kreaon · 3 months ago
we are talking about Graphics ! Baka !!
u/cra2046 · 3 months ago
fuck i was hyped for this graphics as well as white blood seriously it truly would of been the best if assault mode had good graphics
u/cra2046 · 3 months ago
maybe because it was copied from a pg site which made it degrade
u/YUpapu · 3 months ago
nop this is the 3rd season but in netflix it'll prob be the 4th :v
u/DTM · 3 months ago
Demon- Defying me is defying the 10 Commandments. Melidodias- Bitch I am a Commandment
u/tangg · 3 months ago
previous leader of all 10 commandments and the heir to the demon clan
u/ryu091 · 3 months ago
He is not a Commandment he is the leader of the 10 Commandments
u/WholesomeChap · 3 months ago
It really does feel like it got degraded, it's just the quality of this season isn't really isn't on par with the other seasons. Also, isn't this the 4th season?
u/succc · 3 months ago
nope it's the 3rd season, I think netflix counts the OVA's as one separate season
u/MarlonDS · 3 months ago
Sate, sate, sate!
u/Sputnick · 3 months ago
Isn't it the quality that's bad
u/UltimateViking · 3 months ago
Is it just me or is the blood the wrong colour?
u/Hoodedbeastie · 3 months ago
Wtf is with this censorship bs?!
u/RoadToOtaku · 3 months ago
It is censored because it was broadcasted on tv. There is going to be a non censored version later, I hope
u/Hoodedbeastie · 3 months ago
I hope so because it ruins the episode for me
u/MyndZero · 3 months ago
This makes no sense, previous versions weren't censored so why start now?
u/AeonMatt · 3 months ago
7DS is a tragic story among anime industry. Manga Started out incredibly strong, likewise its first anime adaptation was timeless quality. 2nd season started strong, but around the middle right when arguably the hypest character got introduced till the end, quality took a nose dive. And look at this shitty ass season 3 quality, while supposedly its about to adapt the peak arc of the entire manga...
u/weiss27 · 3 months ago
WOW what a downgrade... i hope it gets better.. its like one punch man s2 all over again
u/Lucksabino · 3 months ago
I will watch the next episodes, but I need to say that I'm very disappointed with this season soo long, was hoping far more than this.
u/willy_241 · 3 months ago
Why would they censor this series lmaoo
u/eye · 3 months ago
Well time to read the manga.
u/paulo_pupim · 3 months ago
The white blood is lame. If is to be like this, it would be better if there wasn't new season at all.
Totally disappointed.
u/hehexd · 3 months ago
Terrible opening and ending but hopefully the actual anime will be good
u/iHina · 3 months ago
what a way to end the glad its back
u/Luhar93 · 3 months ago
I feel like the subs are off. Can anyone confirm?
u/LibraryLover · 3 months ago
Yes, I also thought the subtitles were really weird. At some points, I had trouble understand what they were saying... "Because of the devil, human hearts come eroded" (18:07)? Besides that, there were many places where they definitely could have phrased things to make more sense. For example, "tight" or "so tight" would make much more sense than "Crowded..." (13:40).
u/sinnx3 · 3 months ago
Subs the Automated Upload system pulled was from a machine translated version from a different language (aside from JP)
There's a better sub version coming within the next hour or so. It will replace this version once I can obtain it from the fansub group.

As for the Censors - This is being broadcasted censored and no ETA on an uncensored version (possibly not even until BD release).
u/bxby_queengail · 3 months ago
wait...tornado nigga???
u/Woethebro · 3 months ago
howser straight up said the n word what a man
u/sinnx3 · 3 months ago
Episode replaced with better subs.
u/zumokik · 3 months ago
Still feels funky though. Hard to follow up in some parts.
u/shadowbp · 3 months ago
Hmmm the blood is really weird and the animation is a bit off but honestly I still loved it can't wait for the next ep and nice OP too loved it.
u/RamezCh · 3 months ago
why are all new animes high quality only kinda kills my internet xd
u/xionejunior · 3 months ago
i have been waiting for this for 1 year!
u/aduka- · 3 months ago
u/HalfAnim · 3 months ago
just call it "7 deadly sins" anime
u/Ark · 3 months ago