Naruto: Shippuuden Episode 157
Konoha Attack sub

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Aired 9 years ago
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u/Mark-kun · 1 month ago
Hmmm... Can I ask why tsunade always entrust everything to somebody for example Naruto. Yes I know that she must be calm and give orders but the thing is I never saw her do something like fighting in the front lines even in the early arc where the villsge is torn apart by 4 people. Like please go there and help your men. You're a Sannin right?
u/qsfry · 1 month ago
she is the hokage i think she is meant to stay in the village to protect it
u/MarkoStalker · 2 weeks ago
But they were literally IN village...Sometimes i question their system..Anbu and Jonins are so weak
u/SWeeboii · 2 months ago
They're here
u/nârutø · 1 month ago
"recall naruto"😲
u/jens · 3 weeks ago
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