Naruto: Shippuuden Episode 424
To Rise Up sub

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Aired 4 years ago
Updated January 13, 2020 · 29.2k Views · by u/GoodGuy

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u/bunny002 路 3 months ago
sakura is the most useless bitch!!
u/vevesat 路 1 month ago
like fr tho. she knows exactly what's happening. does she need an invitation?
u/Tanvi 路 1 month ago
not only useless.. the grandmother of useless 馃槀
u/Big_Ounce04 路 2 weeks ago
wtf held her back that stupid bitch
u/Imddaddyallan15 路 1 month ago
u/Koro 路 1 month ago
sakura still doesent beat ebisu and tenten in uselessness
u/Koro 路 1 month ago
Its funny how overwhelmingly powerfull naruto and sasuke have become
u/SWeeboii 路 2 weeks ago
Naruto and Sasuke became too op, I kind of hope that they'll lose these op powers after this fight
u/whitehorse7478 路 2 weeks ago
jezzz Sakura wtf
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