Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo Episode 8
Before I Knew It, My Tragedy Had Already Begun sub

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Aired 2 months ago
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u/BigIQBrain · 2 months ago
yall ungrateful as fuck. people are taking their own time to translate and upload these videos for free and ya ungrateful ass have to go and complain. SMH.
u/Arashi · 2 months ago
u/Lester11 · 2 months ago
What was that book, @ 1st i thought it was pansy stalker diary in which she writes about mc but now mc is doing part time 2 buy her a new one which means it's not stalker diary poor me
u/nsa7351 · 2 months ago
the bench didnt strikes back in this ep, thats not what i expected
u/Djtrizzle · 2 months ago
There's the tsundere. All I need is a kuudere, and I get bingo.
u/madbull34 · 2 months ago
It'll be interesting once we hit the last episode. On how they'll finally make him and pansy a couple.
u/Deayoe · 2 months ago
OR an even better ending would involve that NOT happening
u/Howardton · 1 month ago
Yeah, more of the anime would be nice
u/Hieirulez · 2 months ago
This skewer girl has to be two-faced like the rest of them. There is no way he just had to replace an expensive book and work at her place. No way!
u/Ender · 2 months ago
I guess now all the girls on the cover are already into Joro, Pansy is still the best girl tho
u/prosathu1802 · 2 months ago
Another pansy's scheme it seems. The two girls were there when he fell so they definitely have the book when he came back to find it.
u/aduka- · 2 months ago
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u/soliddis · 2 months ago
Yeah this should be for tomorrow
u/Senseiwizard · 2 months ago
no subs?
u/Pineapple · 2 months ago
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u/Shadow24773 · 2 months ago
can't watch..black screen, audio plays right though...why?
u/Howardton · 1 month ago
9:39 So it's official, Joro has a stand, T H O T E X E C U T O R
STAND ABILITY: The power to uncover the true intentions of girls who wants to harm the owner of the stand
u/Kalihi · 1 month ago
this guy can't catch a single break
u/DR-FUNKY · 1 month ago
Kirito,but pervert