Plunderer Episode 2
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Aired 1 month ago
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u/Ascentt-_- · 1 week ago
go back to episode 1 and choose the other streaming option. it´ll be a double episode in one
u/SenpaiF · 6 days ago
it doesn't work for some reason do I miss an episode if I don't watch that combined episode or is this the second episode?
u/youranimenerd · 1 month ago
@Dxnysh it has been aired but not subbed or dubbed plus episode 1 is a combination between episode 1 and 2
u/keisukemito · 6 days ago
And it's out now
u/AdSJB · 5 days ago
This dude literally been a creep for the entire time and just cause he got the numbers back for her she's all over him? Like what? He's basically redeemed himself a bit. Her life wasn't even in danger, she just had to walk around a bit and she would be fine.
u/Keplite · 4 days ago
"walk around a bit"
You mean walk another 40000 km? Waste another 5 years?
"Her life wasn't even in danger"
A man was swinging his sword at her smh
"He's basically redeemed himself a bit."
He took back the numbers which is EVERYTHING in this world, AND saved her life by 'stealing' her ballot, yeah small feat no big deal, SURE.
u/madafaka · 1 month ago
u/xD4rkGl1tch · 1 month ago
bruh moment
u/Dxnysh · 1 month ago
why i can't watch it?
u/zhontsjin · 3 weeks ago
In episode 1 was around 40 min it was episode 1 and 2
u/Dxnysh · 1 month ago
why i can't watch it?
u/puteririzkhan · 4 weeks ago
why i can't see it
u/NoYon_Yatogami · 2 weeks ago
it's loading and loading and loading...
u/Shino · 2 weeks ago
why is not loading
u/baconboy · 2 weeks ago
it not working plz fix
u/charlou3223 · 1 week ago
....not working
u/Sakairihito300 · 1 week ago
why i can't fuckin watch
u/Stärk · 1 week ago
how to report if its not working?
u/Lester11 · 6 days ago
I watched the special preview a few days ago now i don't wanna watch it again it's fucking boring
u/Aramanela · 6 days ago
it was out ages ago funimation streamed the subbed and dubbed version I watched first 2 episodes dubbed already
u/Bandssan · 5 days ago
this man literally tip toes and he can whoop ass