Shokugeki no Souma: Shin no Sara Episode 9
Hunting the Survivors sub

4.8 (342 votes)
Aired 2 years ago
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u/AeonMatt · 1 month ago
I'd still take Isshiki's soup dish over that white haired ass's one anyday.
I knew he'd win cause of plot, but the fact that Ishiki didn't take at least one point is honestly bullshit.
u/Djtrizzle · 1 month ago
Did Nakiri and Soma figure out what they're making yet?
u/Kiran · 1 month ago
How long did soma drink that tea....???
u/xXRoyalKnightXx · 1 month ago
Nakiri and Soma had to rock, paper scissor, to see who makes the Main and the Appetizer dish. Next Ep is going to be hype
u/Anime4Life · 1 month ago
Chest of meatgirl 0:44
u/arcyn29 · 1 month ago
next ep will be full of gifts and fanservice
u/michi-izuku · 1 month ago
All the episode's aired date is 2017!! Why? If I remember it right, there was an episode with the same title too in one of the previous series.
u/aGayWeeb420 · 1 month ago
why does it says 2017?
u/VB304 · 3 weeks ago
rawr rawr rawr rawr hahahahah
u/VB304 · 3 weeks ago
rawr rawr rawr rawr hahahahah
u/roomzkie2012 · 2 weeks ago
soma's tea drinking was like dragonball... it takes many episodes to finish his first bowl