Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld Episode 9
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Aired 1 month ago
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u/TG_Rick · 1 month ago
u/Sunny649 · 1 month ago
No way!! He freaking is a SAO Survivor?!
u/OtakusTakoyaki · 1 month ago
No, the American dude is just a player from BoB who played against Kirito and Asuna in the first part of the series.
u/Sunny649 · 1 month ago
that was revealed before yea, but this time he clearly said "KoB's Lightning Flash" which is referring to Asuna's title during the 2 years of Aincrad. Most people who didn't play SAO and weren't trapped shouldn't know too much about KoB and Asuna so fast, so he should be a SAO Survivor.
u/OtakusTakoyaki · 1 month ago
Oh, I see........Anyways, thanks for replying!
u/xXRoyalKnightXx · 1 month ago
He might be a SAO Survivor, and the way he got SAO, might be from Kayaba, idk maybe XDD, Kirito might wake up either this season or the next because, I saw a sneak peak of the SAO light novel 18 and that is when kirito wakes up. I personally think Kirito will wake up next season because this season there is only 12 eps and each of the light novel books there contain 6 eps and light novel book 15 and 16 contain SAO War of the Underworld. Well this is my opinion
u/xXRoyalKnightXx · 1 month ago
Also there is a total of 21 to 22 SAO light novel right now, so expect new seasons soon. Maybe 2 more seasons or 1.
u/NextLevel · 1 month ago
Well f me because i wanted kirito :((((((((((((((((((((
u/edgy_bach · 1 month ago
There was an SAO book in OS
u/Sunny649 · 1 month ago
true, but it didn't contain the characteristics about their appearance I think. And he literally described them like he know Asuna as someone who fought against her. He even stated he liked the feeling of PKing just before he saw Asuna, slightly saying he had that feeling back in SAO too. Asuna really had a huge impression back in SAO as she's one of the few female at top-front liners.
u/Sunny649 · 1 month ago
Even if you've not played the game and read that SAO book, you wouldn't know that she's really "KoB's Lightning Flash" by her appearance, hair and aura. Especially the aura (or presence as they used). This wouldn't be felt by someone who's never played SAO right? Really, no matter how I look at it, he's definitely a SAO Survivor. And someone who've been PKing within Aincrad too.
u/edgy_bach · 1 month ago
I'll agree with you actually. But how does an American get their hands on a Japanese localised game?
u/Sunny649 · 1 month ago
well...there's no saying that an American cannot read Japanese and speak the language and also isn't allowed to be in Japan at the release of NerveGear & SAO game? There's too many hints stating he has played SAO and was actually trapped in Aincrad. And else we'll see what the story tells us and see who's right? xD I'm just still sure he's an SAO Survivor..
u/edgy_bach · 1 month ago
You win this argument LOL XP
u/steviego · 1 month ago
Lol there's definitely something amusing about watching non-LN readers debate about something from the anime that is clearly explained in the LN -- especially when they are so off the point
u/Mothshot · 1 month ago
*Asuna tries to join game*
*enters world editor instead*
*deletes ground beneath enemies*
World editor OP plz nerf
u/sawit27703 · 1 month ago
u wu) Minecraft's Worldedit Trainee all understand this feeling.
u/DotGo · 1 month ago
WoW the goddess decended!!!!
u/linkbiscuit · 1 month ago
Another Love Triangle is about to happen
u/creed345 · 1 month ago
lmfaooo so true
u/_912_ · 1 month ago
about fucking time jesus
u/Zeryn · 1 month ago
bruh asunaaaa so strong she a beast!!!!!!!
u/azeem_ · 1 month ago
Make Way! The Goddess of Beauty and Death Knight of the Blood Asuna The Flash AKA Stacia in Project Alicization is here. Welcome my Goddess we are but your humble servants.
u/WhatzUp · 1 month ago
OMG...!!! Asunaaa....Goddess of Creation....OMG....I can't believe it....
u/b9k · 1 month ago
lol they gave her a fully shopped account
u/DotGo · 1 month ago
I though that was actully naruto. 6:09.
u/siyuki7 · 1 month ago
New op and asuna clifhanger wth
u/SylockvXx78 · 1 month ago
Dude finally!
I was about to quote Kirito from season 1 episode 12
*Asuna dies*
"Asuna, A-asuna, where did you go?"

Though im not sure if thats from the abridged or from the regular season.
u/Jaybeezos · 1 month ago
Funny we can't tell these days whats from the abridge or original
u/Asuna_Senpai · 1 month ago
If Asuna is finally here that means that next episode Kirito wakes
u/Djtrizzle · 1 month ago
The American dude in the dark Forest just wanted to play MGS.
u/Bobichi · 1 month ago
Finally!!! what took you so long ?
u/Meben · 1 month ago
God the musical effects this episode were ON POINT! The shift from Pugilist's theme to Sheyta's before their fight was sooooo good. That and the sound of Asuna just destroying people. Very good ep.
u/xXRoyalKnightXx · 1 month ago
Love the new opening scenes
u/xXRoyalKnightXx · 1 month ago
same, you saw Asuna, Leafa, and Sinon becoming a God and jumping into Alicization, which means there is three gods in the Human Empire. Aso this mean Leafa and Sinon will both jump into Alicization just like Asuna
u/ChopStickz · 1 month ago
screw u f*cking spoilers lol
u/cherryleaf · 1 month ago
This was the BEST episode I've seen in awhile! They logged her in as the goddess herself!! Wow, I didn't see that coming. She's gonna create a real disturbance!