Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken Episode 20
Yuuki Kagurazaka sub

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Aired 11 months ago
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u/Galactic_Shogun · 11 months ago
love the salt bae reference
u/Asilan · 11 months ago
So Veldora is a lolicon too?
u/Die_Riya · 11 months ago
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u/zawadi · 8 months ago
thanks for S P O I L I N G it dam, wth. I hope that was a joke
u/Stripegg · 11 months ago
thats sad i wanted to see Rimuru teach the kids
u/AnimeGod007 · 11 months ago
the more i watch the more get annoyed with these cliff hangers like god damn man
u/Die_Riya · 11 months ago
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u/Danny · 11 months ago
u/factorers1 · 11 months ago
Hope there is season 2 after this season ends! Cross my fingers!
u/abas2 · 11 months ago
i wonder why Veldora is reacting to Chloe Aubert name
u/Die_Riya · 11 months ago
Lol.. Cuz Chloe is the Hero that imprisoned him due to his reckless behaviour. She has the unique skill of time leap.
u/UngArcadia · 11 months ago
Soon.... very soon, one of the waifu charac will die then 10,000 of humans will be massacre.
u/UngArcadia · 11 months ago
Ever since episode 1, volume 1 of LN WN Manga, author already lay down the foundation of time travel.
u/Die_Riya · 11 months ago
Not complaining. I love time-travelling genre.
u/Die_Riya · 11 months ago
And Demon Lord Leon is a good/neutral guy (Not a bad guy at least). He saved Shizu-san by putting the spirit Ifrit inside her body.
u/Chigo · 11 months ago
Wow, I thought only a couple of months has passed since he came here, But didn't Shizu live for 40 years and she was summoned? For some reason, I thought those were her students from 20+ years ago and they're all adults now
u/d3wa · 11 months ago
4-5 more episode
u/UnPopularOpinion · 11 months ago
With the way they're setting this up... I doubt that. It should be more. Though with the original 25-episode length announcement...
I mean, they just completely glossed over the 3rd and most of the 4th light novels with this entire episode. Sure the 3rd novel was about setting up trade routes and foreshadowing to what happened in this episode, and the 4th's first half led up to this point...

I really hope they don't end it like they ended the 4th novel. With a huge cliff hanger.
u/Bubble_East · 11 months ago
Now things are actually getting interesting.
u/ChaoticFoxtrot · 11 months ago
sensei powers activate
u/Risk · 11 months ago
I feel got skip guy got or not
u/Die_Riya · 11 months ago
Yuuki is the main villain of the series.
u/RemnantMemory · 11 months ago
ohh, damn, I'm having a nightmare flashback of Houseki no kuni...
u/jankevinne · 11 months ago
how come it was here already? there was a lot of skipped chapters in manga, and the story was wasnt like this
u/Die_Riya · 11 months ago
Read the Web Novel then. I can provide the link if you need it. I just finished reading the entire series yesterday.
u/Meliodas10 · 11 months ago
Veldora reacts to Chloe aubert because she is kinda like the hero who sealed veldora or something like that (or HE IS A LOLICON)
u/Die_Riya · 11 months ago
She is the Hero.
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