Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken Episode 22
Conquering the Labyrinth sub

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Aired 10 months ago
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u/Die_Riya · 10 months ago
Who else becomes teary-eyed during the opening because of Shizu-san? Or is it just me?
u/konwaikong · 10 months ago
u need tissue?
u/BoxBox · 10 months ago
here broT^T
u/Restifik · 10 months ago
20 minutes feels like nothing when i watching this anime , its so interesting
u/Ti0 · 10 months ago
Same! It feels like one minute to me..
u/kitsune125 · 10 months ago
yeah me too
u/Woethebro · 10 months ago
the best part was when they were in the spirit place and ranga said "thats the spirit!" the best pun of all 2019
u/FAKEY547 · 10 months ago
yesssssss!!!! first been waiting for this episode
u/Carrotf11 · 10 months ago
2nd! Same!
u/under · 10 months ago
2 more

not good
u/BlackPanda · 10 months ago
Its all over after this an the manga hasnt shown anything, my life is yet ruined again 😭
u/Die_Riya · 10 months ago
Read the Web Novel then.
u/Ti0 · 10 months ago
Yasssu!! Ramires makes her appearance!!
u/Concorde93 · 10 months ago
We're so used to characters struggling over and over and over, feels good to have someone just come in and just rule the thing straight out on a first go. For Rimuru hurrah :P
u/AverageOtaku · 10 months ago
I hope we get to see Veldora again!
u/Chigo · 10 months ago
They feel like terminally ill children >
u/GoldC_money15 · 10 months ago
No it’s me for shizu when they were supposed to get married in a way, magical ball said that the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with is her. Denied and it’s so messed up
u/twinklecake · 8 months ago
Way too much padding. If you want to stretch runtime without exhausting plot at least dedicate it to something like worldbuilding, character development or even just comedy instead of needlessly stretched out moments.
u/OnePieceYEET · 5 months ago
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