Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken Episode 23
Saved Souls sub

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Aired 10 months ago
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u/iHina 路 10 months ago
gotta love great sage XD she's getting cockier as the story progresses.
u/Lester11 路 10 months ago
Is this really the last episode 馃槶馃槶
I want more???
u/iHina 路 10 months ago
It's either a break....or they're stopping it here getting ready for the next season...with that mysterious guy showing up.
u/Sunny649 路 10 months ago
Next episode's Preview is Extra: Black and a Mask.... But yea I agree! I want a sequel already!! x'D
u/Ti0 路 10 months ago
Then read the manga or Light Novel.
u/ChaoticFoxtrot 路 10 months ago
The manga is only 1-2 episodes ahead so far
So yeah....
u/Ti0 路 10 months ago
Oh really? I haven鈥檛 checked on it for a while now...
u/Joary 路 10 months ago
yeah, eventualy, we'll pass it. the wn is done though
u/Ti0 路 10 months ago
But I understand if you are lazy
u/Die_Riya 路 10 months ago
Mysterious *Girl*. Her name is Hinata.
u/SenseiBanzai 路 10 months ago
> Sage: Huh
Haven't laughed this much in a while
u/Colour_Tears 路 10 months ago
They really rushed through the whole giving a new golem to the queen of the spirits. I was actually hoping they would do it properly.
Really hope they pick this up for a second season when the manga progresses more!
u/Ti0 路 10 months ago
I think the golem story is when they summon a spirit where Rimuru makes a golem for it to inhabit in. Rimuru makes a humanoid doll-like golem. He used the magisteel from Veldora鈥檚 cave. The Spirit possesses the golem instead of a corpse or living body because spirits need a medium to posees in order to interact and stay in the mortal world. Rimuru names the golem/spirit Beretta (I think that鈥檚 how you spell it?) to complete the contract and Rimuru becomes second master. Ramiris is first.
u/xykawaii 路 10 months ago
Really you are complaining about that? there is not much content about that creation anyway, I really appreciate the director because almost all the good content in LN are not skipped and seeing someone complain about a small rushed scene really disgust me. How can someone not appreciate that effort, just compare it to other anime most of them really skipped many scene like the overlord.
u/thwelve 路 10 months ago
stop your "this disgusts me" act, it's just a normal comment, doesn't seem that it doesn't appreciate the product. Nothing like "oh man they fucked it up" type of shit. It's just pointing out sum things, even the whole comment's vibe seem positive in hope of the better
Now the people that are judging OnePM being shit bcs of J.C Staff and then asking for delayed release is what disgust me, because we don't pay for shit
u/Ausatt 路 10 months ago
There are still two more episodes that are extras and an OVA will be released in December of this year. Also a season 2 is most likely in the making.
u/micK 路 10 months ago
u/Fullweab 路 10 months ago
u/Ti0 路 10 months ago
lol this is probably one tenth of the webnovel
u/recouer 路 10 months ago
well when you know that half the remaining part is a tournament arc or similiar ...
u/Ti0 路 10 months ago
And it just... ends? This season ending reminds me of overlord
It鈥檚 Diablooooooooo woo woo
And the church guyyy
Rimuru, you better watch out. Big war comin for ya.
You are also gonna become a demon lord to gain more power
u/BlackSwordsman95 路 10 months ago
Hmmmm...whats gonna happen next...
u/deadlywalrus 路 10 months ago
the whole jura gonna get jumped
u/CatGirlSlayer 路 10 months ago
Goodbye Slime-san, for now
u/haani 路 10 months ago
Amazing !!
u/Spudacus 路 10 months ago
That was an Awesome Ending :D
u/Datboiskinner 路 10 months ago
Love this frickin anime man
u/Hoodedbeastie 路 10 months ago
u/Hoodedbeastie 路 10 months ago
u/SoulLux 路 10 months ago
amazing just amazing cant wait for a s2
u/Light_2007_yt 路 10 months ago
Same i just love this anime
u/Daniellopera 路 10 months ago
There would be a episode 24 or a new new season with 23 more episodes or I would be extremely disappointed
u/sawit27703 路 10 months ago
Could they at least add kiss SFX like infinite startos? ; w;)
u/-Gab 路 10 months ago
So there's extra episode huh
u/jalenbrown591 路 10 months ago
what is this episode like ................ ohhh
u/BlackPanda 路 10 months ago
I wish they would of showed the spirits that sage made like they did in the manga they were so cool looking for the other three i was a little disappointed but that was a nice way to end the season if that was the ending since it did a flash recap at the end but i really enjoyed watching this an reading it as well
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